Have something to sell, a boat, a house, and old car? Think about Share A
Website. You give us pictures and details describing the sale item and
we arrange that information attractively and so that it is easily understood
on your own web site. You communicate with prospective buyers and
answer pertinent questions and you remain in control.

Many times individuals or even businesses want a web site, but only for a short period of time, that is why Share A Web Site was created. Here, you can get up to a 5 page website for an affordable price.

We will develop and create your web site with the information, photos and graphics you provide.

With Share A Web Site you will receive a web address (www.shareawebsite.com/yourname), a home page with titles, up to four sub-pages, four graphics, a contact page link to your personal e-mail address, and five external links. With Share A Web Site you will have your own web site address which anyone can access your web site easily and immediately.

Share A Web Site is ideal for someone who wants to sell a home, share photos of new a arrival with family and friends, keep family and friends informed of upcoming family events and/or reunions. and more…….

Youth Sports
House for Sale
Small Home/Business
Classified Ads
Church Activities
Company Events
Fund Raising
Wedding Plans
Atomobiles for Sale
Family Activities
Baby Birthday/Christening