FAQ Page

 What is a share a website? 
Many times individuals or even businesses want a web site, but only
for a short period of time, that is why Share A Web site was created.
Here, you can get a web site for an affordable price.

 Who will design my web site? 
We will develop and create your web site with the information, photos
and/graphics you provide.

 Do I get my own site? 
Yes, with Share A Website you will have your own web site which
people can access easily and immediately.

 What do I get with share a website? 
With Share A Website you will received a web address
(www.shareawebsite.com/yourname, home page with title,
up to four sub-pages, four graphics, a contact page link
to your own e-mail address, and five external links.

 What types of sites are suitable for Share A Website? 

Share A Website is ideal for someone who wants:
    * to sell a home, automobile, boat, or other item
    * to impress an employer with a resume
    * to share photos of their new arrival or some special event
    * to keep the family informed about an upcoming reunion
or for groups planning an event or fundraiser, or a small company
that wants to determine the impact a website will have on their business.

 How much does Share a Website cost? 

Share A Website is very affordable. It is cheaper then the cost of advertising
in your local newspaper, and, there is no comparison when it comes to impact.
A one page website costs $89.00, which is a one time cost.

 How much does it cost if I want more than one page? 

The first page is $89.00. Each additional page is $29.95 or $189.00 for a five page website.
The first month of hosting is FREE! Each additional month of hosting is only $9.95 a month.
A three month minimum of $29.95 is required.